Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Newest News

This month has already been CRAZY busy for me. Whether it's having a lot of school work to do, studying for finals, or being overloaded with dance practices, I'm always doing something. Since Alex and I are both 15 now, we will have to call all of the children's hospitals to see if they will let us complete our 20-Time project. The problem is, our schedules collide a lot, so it's hard to find a good time to get together. In the spring, hopefully things will get calmed down, and we can plan out the perfect day for kids struggling with cancer. I would rather do the 20-time project in the spring anyway, because spring is a happy, cheery season, while winter can be depressing and lonely for families. I would love nothing more than to brighten up the kids' day, and I hope that everything will work out for Alex and I. We just need to try more hard to find a day that we aren't busy to get together, which is definetly a difficult task. I learned so much from 20-time, and I encourage teachers everywhere to give their students the oportunity to do the project. It is defiantly worth while.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

20-Time Project Update

For the 20-Time informational essay I will be writing, I have had to do a lot of research on how I could incorporate my passion into my lofe in my future. The information that I found could not only help me, but it could help other people wishing to incorporate dancing into their futures too.  I have found out two different ways to continue with my passion the first is majoring in dance in college, and the second is becoming a certified professional dance teacher. If anyone elsewhere as interested in the same passion as me, my research would be helpful to them because it would be easier for them to make up their minds on how to include dancing in their future.
Recently, I have been helping out in different toddler's dance classes to prepare myself for teaching younger kids how to dance. The age for volunteering at any children's hospital is 15, and Alex and I are still 14 so we will have to wait to complete our 20-Time project until we are the required age. Our birthdays are December 25th and December 23rd, and we are anxiously waiting for them to come so that we can finally finish our project. It seems like we have been waiting forever, and we are so excited to brighten up the kids' day with a fun class that includes songs and choreography from different Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Alex and I plan to call the childrens hospitals back after we turn 15 and set a final date for our dance class. Even if we don't get to complete our project during the first half of the school year, it will be completed some time soon.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Professional Opportunities for my Passion

There are two professional opportunities that I could pursue in regard to my passion of dancing. The first opportunity could be majoring in dance when I go to college. When I was researching, I found out that there are 294 colleges in the United States that allow you to major in dance. Some of them are NYU, WVU, and Juilliard (haha). When majoring in dance I will study a lot of different types of dance. Something I found that I didn't like was that you study folk dance, and I have never learned a folk dance, or even heard of or seen folk dancing before. But, something I found that I like is that you study a lot of tap dancing, and tap dancing is my favorite! Another opportunity would be to become a certified professional dance teacher after I go to college. This requires me to take many tests and master/ intensive classes at either the Dance Masters of America or the National Dance Educators facilities. One thing that I found on both of their websites that I didn't like was that you need to understand labanotation, which is a system of symbols to describe choreography. I have never learned anything about labanotation, but that is because I am only in ninth grade, and I have a lot to learn about dancing before I can become a dance teacher. One thing that I found that I liked was that you can meet famous dancers while taking the tests and master classes. Like people that have been on Broadway. So, there are many different professional opportunities that I could take that involve my passion of dancing, but I would choose to major in dance when I go to college or become a certified professional dance teacher.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lessons I've Learned

The most valuable lesson that I have learned from 20 Time is that things aren't always going to work out the way that you expect. This is because when we called our authorities for the first time, they put us on hold for a long while and promised that they would get back to us soon. But, they still haven't called us back so we are going to call them again very soon. Also, the day that we practiced for Pitch Day, stickers, papers, and other pieces of our trifold were falling off. We didn't expect that to happen so we had to improvise. I think that this lesson will help me through the completion of the project because it taught me to not give up when something goes wrong. If anything else goes wrong throughout the project, I can look back at these problems and can say "hey, I got through that, I can defiantly solve this problem too!" The lesson will not only help me through 20 Time, but it will help me in the future too. Whenever I have problems in my life or high school experience, I will know that I can get through it and to keep my head up. The 20 Time project is very beneficial in every aspect of a person' slide, and it teaches you things that you wouldn't expect it to. I believe that every student should do the 20 Time project because it helps you become a mature young adult.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day!

As soon as I walked into Mrs. Anderson's classroom on Friday, I knew it was going to be a great day. All of the trifold boards that my fellow classmates made were lined up around the room, and everyone was dressed their best and ready to impress the parents and administration that would soon arrive to the event. After running through our presentation a couple times, my partner Alex and I knew that we were ready. A lot of administration from our school districts were at the Pitch Day event, including principals, assistant principals, teachers, staff, and assistant superintendents. A lot of proud parents were there too. Alex and I presented out project to at least 15 different people, and did it excellently each time. After Pitch day was over, I felt accomplished and special. I got a lot of good advice and complements. Pitch Day was a day to remember.

What Has 20 Time Taught Me So Far?

20 Time has made me realize how determined I can get when I put my mind to completing something. Throughout 20 time, I became aware that I am a very caring person. I really feel for the kids that I will be helping when I go to the children's hospitals with my partner, Alex. My dad has cancer, so I know how much sorrow can come with the whole cancer experience. The whole process of 20 time hasn't been a breeze. Believe it or not, there have been challenges along the way one of the struggles we faced happened when we tried to contact our authorities. Trying to call very busy people, and being put on hold for what seemed like a long time was very discouraging and frustrating. Something that was easy during the 20 Time project was making the trifold presentation board. I like to make posters and other projects, so I can show my creativity. One of the most challenging tasks was writing formally, because writing isn't one of my strengths. So far, 20 Time has been a great experience, and I can't wait to do the final step of the project; singing and dancing with the kids who have cancer.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How will we Contact Authority?

To complete the 20 Time project, my partner Alex and I will need to contact a director for volunteer work for each children's hospital that we contact. We plan on calling the children's hospitals in the Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Penn State, Piola, and Hershey hospitals. I think that if we talk to a person who runs the volunteer work, we could benefit from it very much. The person could give us a date and time to come in and visit the hospital, and other useful information. I hope that if we end up speaking with someone who has a lot of authority, we will feel more comfortable with the plans that we have.
 When speaking to the person who is in charge of the volunteer work, Alex and I will tell him/her our names, explain the 20 time project, tell him/her how we plan to sing and dance with the children patients who have cancer, and give them our cell phone numbers and emails to hopefully hear from them again. There are five important questions we will ask the authorities we come in contact with. "When can we talk to you again?", "What times are appropriate to call or email you?", "What time would work best to volunteer at the hospital?", and "How long will It take for you to contact me again?" are all five of the most important questions we will ask.